Writing Broken-Hearted

Ever tried to write while you’re heart broken? I’m not talking about ‘heart broken’ in terms of a failed relationship or a lost lover. I’m talking about that state of emotional exhaustion due to several different factors in our mundane existence. At some point in our lives we all have those long awaited desires such as:

  • A new career
  • A promotion
  • Home ownership
  • Business ventures
  • Financial stability
  • Financial freedom
  • Starting a family
  • Personal healing
  • Healing for an ill loved one
  • Etc.

Then prolonged periods of waiting for them start to tear away a person’s hope and expectations. Worse yet if these dreams fall through altogether.

Image: Min An

Writing while ‘heart broken’ is difficult, especially when the very symptoms of emotional exhaustion includes enemies like:

Lack of motivation
Lack of concentration
Lack of creativity / imagination

Unless you’re one of the blessed ones who can channel emotional distress into your work and it becomes therapeutic to write. Overcoming mental exhaustion, although challenging when there’s little motivation to start with, involves getting your mindset engaged in positive activities outside/separate from triggers.

This means getting away from your stressors if you can. Take a few moments to be away from those spaces (and people) that trigger your unhappiness and disappointment. If you’re unable to travel far, visit a local park or find an easy nature trail to hike. Read a book or two if you must. Exercise for the heck of it and channel your anger into the task. Practice meditation; tons and tons of meditation, and when all else fails consult a professional. [1]

Image: Saif Selim

Hopefully ‘gloom’ fades so that creativity is set free to roam the landscape once again.

Source: rawpixel.com



[1] Healthline – Emotional Exhaustion

[2] Psychologenie – Emotional Exhaustion 

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