Struggles with Planning πŸ“–

Ruins of Soldiers’ Barracks at Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

Continuing from my previous post about ‘Planning a Novel in Ten Steps’, I can safely say that I am between steps ‘6’ and ‘7’, which are:

  • 6. Back to the plot (flesh out the plot-lines and sub-plots)
  • 7. Bringing the characters to life (e.g. background, how will they change throughout the story, etc.)


This is quite a bit of progress for a “Megalodon Procrastinator” like myself. At this point I have thirty-six pages of scribbling, fourteen characters of significance, two major themes and eight sub-plots. It was a story without a title up until last week and a formulated villian base called ‘Omnes Leges’ forΒ driving the plot through. The melodious sound of progress, right?



Then today (Wednesday 20th June, 2018) at 5:00 pm, Fahrenheit 451 was showing on the television and it got to a scene where a book-hoarding woman set herself aflame. She set herself on fire and did not scream or bawl or run or roll on the ground while her skin and flesh cooked under the scorching flames. Her agonising pain was somehow reflected in a single trickle of tears running down her cheek, accompanied by dramatic background music. And this was not the surprising thing about the entire scene in the movie. The surprising thing was that she spoke a single word upon her intended suicide; “Omnes”.

Of all the words in the Latin language this movie had to use was “Omnes“! Why? Why? Why?

Here is where I ‘thought those thoughts‘* of being accused of plagiarism, or being a copy cat, even though my ideas came weeks before I even saw the film ‘Fahrenheit 451’. What are the odds of something like that happening? Sometimes more often than none and it can seem discouraging when you think you’ve got a great idea for a story. It felt as though my ‘Omnes Leges’ structure crumbled like the ruins at Pigeon Island, St. Lucia.

Moving forward, I will change the name and pray that it doesn’t coincide with anything else out there on media platforms. ::Praying::

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