Trying This Planning $#it πŸ“’

I probably have approximately 300,000 words worth in writing overall, maybe more or maybe less. Some of my work have been read by others (briefly or incompleted), some have not been seen by anyone, and quite a lot was either deleted or lost in a vast collection of storage devices. In other words, I am terrible at following through when it comes to writing. That was until a few days ago when I decided to follow through with at least one fiction. Science fiction to be exact.

I’ve decided to tackle this quest by using a 10-step plan I recently scrounged off the internet, mainly because my writing style has always been a ‘spur-of-the-moment’ / ‘start-in-the-middle-or-the-end’ kind of madness. Sometimes it works out well and other times, not so much. Thus, already having a plot in mind, I have started applying the 10-step plan from ‘The Writer’s Bureau’ (see link below). All in all I must say that it has been proving to be a lot more challenging than I have anticipated, but in a very good and beneficial way.

“Planning a Novel in Ten Steps”

1. The one-sentence summary

2. Describe the story (five sentences)

3. Characters (introduce them / their motives / conflicts / moments of epiphany / life lessons)

4. ExpandingΒ  (expanding the five sentences from stage 2 into paragraphs)

5. Back to the characters (one-page synopsis of each)

6. Back to the plot (flesh out the plot-lines and sub-plots)

7. Bringing the characters to life (e.g. how will they change throughout the story)

8. Setting the scenes

9. Writing your novel (first draft)

10. Edit and re-draft

(Source: )

Currently I’m at stage 3 with something that seems to be evolving into a monster. I do hope that I can stick to this plan and not get carried away when my imagination comes to life during the planning process. Wish me luck.


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